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vuSendKeys 1.5          $19.95
(Compatible with ALL versions of Clarion)

vuSendKeys goes far beyond Clarion's PRESS and PRESSKEY functions.  It extends the capabilities of vuVirtualKeys available in vuFileTools.  In fact, no other function gives you the capabilities you get with vuSendKeys. 

The technology used in vuSendKeys is the same technology being used by over 10,000 satisfied Tagkeys customers.

    Key Benefits

  •   Send characters to the application with focus (usually yours)

  •   Send characters to the application that HAD focus (before yours)

  •   Send characters to any open Window (whether it has focus or not)

  •   Send as many characters as you wish (that fit within a single CString)

  •   Embed <Ctrl>, <Atl>, and <Shift> characters within your CString 

  •   Embed any of 39 special characters within your string {tab} {Pgdn} etc.

  • vuSendKeys Links...
    Click here for a demonstration application (uninstall included)
    Click here to download Help File
    Click here to download Installation File

    Version History
    1.0 - Initial Release
    1.1 - Update (added 5 new macros, macro multipliers, and 1 new function)
    1.2 - Update (added "Wait For Window" macro & multi-special characters %(sa)
    1.3 - Added 9 Macros and 4 Functions (support for "Lock" keys and Windows)
    1.4 - Added 8 New functions, Enhanced WFW macro, Enhanced Help File
    1.5 - Maintenance Release - Fixes identification of Window Controls









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