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vuMail Version 3.20            
(Compatible with ALL versions of Clarion)
(Requires Windows 2000 or Higher)

Send and receive emails from anywhere within your application using vuMail.  Invoices, notices, sales announcements, reports, PDFs, files, or anything else that can be entered into or attached to an email can be handled by vuMail.

vuMail is extremely easy to use.  Calling vuSendMail() from within your application is all you need to do to send an email.

    Key Features of vuMail

  •   Extremely easy to use

  •   Nothing extra needs to be installed on your Client's PC to use vuMail

  •   Multi-Threaded, sends emails in the background 

  •   Send emails to multiple recipients

  •   Include multiple attachments

  •   Mark email as HIGH PRIORITY

  •   Request return receipt

  •   Return disposition email on delivery failure

  •   Send text or HTML (vuMail automatically detects HTML mail)

  •   Stores any optional setup parameters for your automatically

  •   Use wildcard characters in file attachments

  •   Auto-Log all emails sent (stored in a CSV file) 

  •   Read emails from a POP3 server

  •   Download and save email header information

  •   Download and save email contents (text, html, etc.)

  •   Save attachments 

vuMail Links...

Click here to view Online Help File (no download required)

Click here to download Help File

Click here to view help file on line
Click here to download Demonstration
Click here to download Installation File 













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