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vuFileTools Version 3.5
(Compatible with ALL versions of Clarion)

vuFileTools Version 3.5 is a collection of more than 150 functions that help you manage files and the Windows environment.  With simple intuitive function calls, demo applications (including demo source code), and extensive documentation, vuFileTools is an unparalleled value!

Even simple functions that are included with Clarion have extended equivalents in vuFileTools.  For example, Clarion includes an "Exists" function that will tell you if a file is present.  vuFileTools includes "vuFileCount" that uses  Wildcard characters and will tell you how many exist.   We invite you  to download the vuFileTools help file and see exactly how vuFileTools can work for you!



    Key Benefits

  •   Create entire directory structures with a single function

  •   Programmatically determine CPU Type and Speed

  •   Quickly move & delete multiple files and subfolders

  •   Create shortcuts and place them almost anywhere

  •   Monitor Mouse and Keyboard activity

  •   Monitor folders and their contents for changes

  •   Easily communicate between applications

  •   Hide the desktop, taskbar, and/or Start button

  •   Resize the screen and restore it programmatically

  •   Control other applications running on the same PC

  •   Get the status of services (started, running, stopped)

  •   Animate Windows

  •   Print Windows and Desktop 

  •   Retrieve MAC and IP Addresses from all NICs

  •   Plus a host of other functions -- More than 140 in all

vuFileTools Links...

Click here to download Help File
Click here to view Quick Reference Guide

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What Customers are saying about vuFileTools:

"Let me congratulate you on an excellent product!"

"If you don't have Valutilities' new tool set, vuFileTools I suggest you not program another line of code until you test drive this sensational set of tools!"

"vuFileTools ver 3 ... it's FANTASTIC!"


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