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vuAgent Version 1.1        
(Compatible with ALL versions of Clarion)

vuAgent Version 1.10  from valutilities is an unbelievably simple and easy way to incorporate the Microsoft Agents into your applications (you know, Merlin, Peedy, Genie, Robby, etc.).  One function call is all it takes to start using Agents.  vuAgent comes with a complete demo that shows you exactly how to use Agents.
Besides the Microsoft Agents, there are more than 50 free Agents available at http://www.msagentring.org

vuAgent can work with any Windows compatible Agent.

vuAgent also places an icon in the tray automatically so that your users can have control over hiding or showing the Agent outside of your program.

    Key Benefits

  •  Implement agents in your apps with a single function call
  •   Supports ALL Microsoft-compatible agents
  •   Easy to install and implement with your applications
  •   Compiled demo application and demo source code included
  •   Complete and comprehensive documentation

vuAgent Links...
Click here to download a demonstration program
Click here to download Help File
Click here to download Installation File






vuAgent is now offered free to the Clarion Community.  Support will be very limited.




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